Included in your set of ArcaRays is a tracking sheet.  Use this to record your balance test results, and then do the balance test again in two weeks, and again in six weeks to see your progress in building your balance!


What you will need for your test:

  • Strong sturdy surface to hold if you need support. For example a kitchen counter or a strong chair. If you are unsteady, make sure to measure your progress with a family member or someone else who can assist you if you need support.
  • A stop watch.
  • Pen to record your progress.

For each test, begin in a safe place with a strong sturdy surface or chair within arm’s reach. The surface or chair is there in case you need to grasp it for balance during the test. Place your feet in the designated foot position as illustrated in the column one of the table on the right. Cross your arms across your chest. When you are comfortable, begin the timer. Without receiving any support from a surface or a person, record how long you can maintain the foot position without your body swaying, moving your feet or needing to reach for support.

Record your progress on the sheet provided, see table on the right. If you commit to using Arcarays 15 minutes every other day, you will see measurable improvement from day one.


Perform each test below with the right foot leading and then the left foot leading. Perform “single-foot stance” with each foot.

Stop timin the test if you reach 1 minute.