Why should I use the ArcaFit System? The system was designed with your strong cylinder-shaped core as the focus. At the ground level, the rays were designed and engineered to create a balance challenge to tighten and strengthen your core, which happens just by standing on the rays! It’s that easy. Traditional resistance bands and dumbbells offer no way to challenge your balance. Using the ArcaFit system with our patented ArcaRays, allows you to challenge your balance while creating a bigger and better range of motion with the band vs. dumbbells and weights alone. Further, the ArcaRays will keep your resistance bands healthy as the band slides through the rays creating zero friction on the band itself.  (Never stand directly on a resistance band).

How do I know if I need to use the ArcaFit System? Easy! Let’s “TEST YOUR BALANCE”. This is a great way to check your personal balance, and then you will also have a baseline so you can “MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS” as you use the ArcaFit System and record your improvements.

How do I get started? Just step on the ArcaRays! Immediately your internal balance sensors will turn on! Here’s the link to “HOW IT WORKS”.

How do I use the ArcaRays? The arch and curves of the patented ArcaRays were designed to mirror your foot. Begin by placing the arch of your foot on the arch or highest part of the ray, “arch over arch”. Immediately the nerves in your foot will sense this new base upon which it has engaged, and the nerves will send feedback to your brain saying, “hey, we sense a new base upon which we are standing” (this is your proprioception or internal balance system working). This balance feedback is how the rays are used. To challenge your balance further, create tension on your band with the rays under your feet and begin following some of the exercises.

What size do I need? The ArcaFit System is designed with an average user’s height and strength in mind. (Average user’s height 5’4” and generally in good health). If you are of a shorter stature or will most likely use the band mainly in the seated position, watch the video or read the section on “How to use the locking ball system” as this is how you will shorten the band for seated use.   If you are taller, as example above 5’8”, we suggest also purchasing the “Tall Band” which will allow you to increase the amount of overhead exercises you can do with the ArcaFit System.

How can I work out as safely as possible? Before doing any balance exercises, read “Safety Tips” section. When reading the description of an exercise, pay close attention to the tips and techniques so you can do it properly.  Start new exercises cautiously.

Which workout should I do? Always begin with the “Seated Exercises” to build confidence before moving onto the “Standing Exercises”. You will see improvement to your balance from following the program.

How many repetitions should I do? With every new exercise program, begin slowly. Begin with 4-6 repetitions of each exercise a few times a week over the next few weeks. Slowly, increase to 8 repetitions, two times each exercise. Remember this is your workout and workout at your pace.

How hard should I exercise? According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) any exercise activity that gets your heart beating faster is good for you! If you are unsure, please check with your doctor or healthcare provider.

How do I adjust the bands? Please see on website How to Use the ArcaFit System Adjustable Handle. Please also see on the videos How to Use the Locking Ball.

How do I keep the ArcaRays under my feet? You must create tension with your hands pulling upwards on the handles to keep the ArcaRays secured to the bottom of your feet. If your feet are slipping off, create more tension by pulling up harder on the handles. Also, shorten the band with the adjustable locking ball. This will help keep the rays secure.

Do you have any free exercise videos? Yes, please see our WORKOUT VIDEOS.

How do I get the ArcaRays onto my resistance band? Place the ray upside down on your knee (ledges facing down, open slot up). With your hands about 12” apart, firmly grab the band and “snap” the band down and into the slot. Please see video on our website Arca Band Sprint Video for a visual.

Can I use the ArcaFit System if I have a latex allergy? If you are latex allergic, please seek advice from your doctor before using the ArcaFit System.

Can I flip the rays over and stand on the bottom side of the ArcaRays? The ArcaFit System is designed to perform a wide variety of exercises with the rays either the typical ledge side up or the bottom “slot” side up. However, standing on the bottom or “slot” side up is considered an extreme balance exercise and not recommended for the typical user. Please consult with your health care professional for recommendations as to progressions of your exercise program.

How do I become an ArcaFit System trainer or teach with the ArcaFit System at my facility? Send us an email at [email protected] for more details.

What is the ArcaFit System made of? The bands are of natural latex rubber. The rays are made of plastic and over molded with rubber.

How do I clean my ArcaFit System. You can wash your ArcaRays with a sponge and light soapy water. You can wipe down the band with a damp paper towel.

What are technical dimensions of the ArcaFit System?

ArcaRays: 5”W, 4”D, ledges 2”H, foot arch 1”H. Ray weighs 6 ounces.

The standard band is 60” long and creates 15-20 lbs of resistance.

The tall band is 72” long and creates a 15-20 lbs of resistance.

How much weight can the ArcaRays hold? They are designed to hold in excess of 900 pounds.

Where do you ship to? We ship within the United States. A $20 charge is added to orders sent to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

When will I get my order? You should receive your order within 2-3 weeks. If an item has been backordered, you will be notified as to back order delivery estimates.

What is your return policy? You may return an unused item in new condition within 30 days of purchase. All items must include original packaging.

What is the warranty policy? The ArcaRays have a lifetime warranty as to normal wear and tear. Please email us if you are having issues with your rays. ArcaFit System resistance bands have a 3 month warranty as to normal wear and tear. Please be aware that resistance bands are similar to a giant rubber bands. They have a limited useful life and should be replaced every 6-12 months.