Positive Posture – Neck Enhancer

Positive Posture – Neck Enhancer

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Positive Posture – Neck Enhancer


This simple and easy neck strengthening tool is engineered to give the user a superior way to improve their posture.  The gentle resistance strategically targets the exact muscles responsible for improving our posture; reducing neck pain and making us look and feel better and healthier.

Key features include:

  • Comfortable and soft neoprene head cushion supports and gently cradles your head.
  • Soft but sturdy handles offer an excellent contoured feeling for your hands.
  • Uncomplicated resistance bands offer just enough of a challenge to properly target the posture muscles, while you the user is in complete control.  Easy resistance is all that is needed.

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Single / Set of 2

Single, Set of 2

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  1.  i bought this to help loosen up my tight back/shoulder/neck area when i get up in the morning – and get the blood flowing. It really works. I think I am standing straighter better already.

  2. Great way to help with posture. I sit behind a desk all day working over a computer. This is helping build up my neck muscles to avoid upper back/lower shoulder pain.

  3. My posture was so bad! Positive Posture has helped me so much. Thank you!

  4. My neck is pulled forward from years of computer using. This device is simple to use and works. It provides a rubber resistance to build the muscle in the back of the neck to pull the next backward. It is the same idea as working the upper back muscles to have a good posture, standing up tall and straight. I did the exercises 3 times a week for about a month. The box comes with some simple instructions.

  5. I am pretty sure it is working because I have to make a real effort to keep my head back. My neck muscles are getting stronger. I am also sure I am just more aware of my posture so trying harder to stand up tall. I guess that is a good thing too.

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