Peter G. – M.D.

Throughout my life I have always prioritized my health and fitness, I always considered myself strong and capable. Since using ArcaRays my balance and fitness is better than ever! It is an incredible product.

Sam S.

I have been being coached by Elly for two years and have seen my health and fitness levels improve. Over the past 8 months we have incorporated the ArcaRays balance tool and it has completely changed my confidence in my daily life. I have noticed amazing changes in my core and balance strength just from using it 15 minutes 3 X per week.

Bob T:  MS, PT

The ArcaRays and resistance band is a total personal gym, and a great substitute for going to a fitness club as it will save time from my busy schedule.  Who wants to be in a crowd these days anyway?

Belle C.

In just weeks of using the ArcaFit ArcaRays, I have seen my body almost instantaneously slim down and tone up, I love using it!

Nancy R. – Physical Therapist

The exercises can be tailored to the user’s ability, and the ArcaRays and band add a variation/challenge to exercises.  I specifically liked how it facilitated increasing both ankle dorsi and plantar flexion range of motion and strength for my clients.  

Matt N. – College Men’s Track Coach

ArcaRays are engineered to perfection.  Simple, sleek, lightweight, useful and effective.